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In order to understand how ExtenZe successfully works to promote optimum male sexual power, sexual pleasure, and sexual performance, we have to have a thorough understanding of:

1) the how the nervous system, arteries, blood vessels, veins and hormones work together to allow a man to acquire an erection, and 2) what ExtenZe components are and why these components have been put together the way they have.

ExtenZe is a medically designed proprietary synergistic blend of pharmaceutical-grade, standardized and guaranteed content male prohormone together with a medically designed proprietary synergistic blend of the most effective and finest quality herbal and nutritional sexual response enhancement ingredients known to man. ExtenZe is an all-natural, pro-sexual, herbal and male pro-hormonal sexual nutrition supplement designed to avoid the undesired and anabolic muscle building effects of androstendione, and optimize the sexual benefits of natural prohormones and pro-sexual nutrients. ExtenZe is designed to be taken every day just like a multi-vitamin.

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What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the hormone for both sexual desire and sexual performance. Testosterone is a natural hormone produced in the male and female bodies that supports a healthy libido or desire for sexual connection. Its production in the human body is optimized by essential nutrients, such as zinc, which are blended together and contained in ExtenZe.

What Affects Testosterone Levels?

We produce less than the optimal natural testosterone when aging, stress, sleeplessness, sexual inactivity, fatigue, obesity, over-exercise, depression, and anxiety begin to enter our lives. Optimal healthy levels of testosterone support a strong sexual desire, high sexual energy, and sexual passion. Testosterone is also essential for sexual power, sexual pleasure, and sexual performance.

How Extenze Helps With Testosterone.

Testosterone is a prescription medication. When using ExtenZe, you are not directly replacing the active hormones. In other words, you are not directly replacing testosterone. However, you are providing your body with a full adult daily dose of the most important testosterone natural prohormone building block, DHEA.

Cholesterol → DHEA → Testosterone

DHEA prohormone is the building block of the most important hormone in the male body, testosterone. Natural DHEA supplementation in ExtenZe enables you to produce an optimal level of your own testosterone by providing a substrate for the formation of testosterone. ExtenZe’s prohormone blend supports the formation of testosterone naturally, with less risk of excessive testosterone levels, or androgenic/estrogenic side effects and risks associated with direct prescription testosterone.

Testosterone is the most important hormone in the male body. Men at all ages suffer from decreased sexual desire, reduced erectile size and function, diminished strength and response to exercise, decreased energy, stress, obesity, and in general may find it impossible to look and feel their best without help for testosterone effect. Maintaining optimal normal levels of prohormone nutrients (DHEA) in the male body is vital to maintaining optimal levels of normal testosterone effect.

Until now, the only reliable way to boost testosterone effect was through costly prescription testosterone replacement and lab test monitoring. It is important that we remain in tune with evidence-based science in order to evaluate any form of therapy. Preliminary studies show that ExtenZe works to improve overall sex life, sexual power, sexual pleasure, sexual performance, sexual desire, sexual energy, and sexual passion.

Before Viagra, everybody was talking about testosterone. Newsweek’s cover story on testosterone was coupled with a featured prohormone called DHEA. However, Viagra just increases blood flow and testosterone requires expensive doctor visits, tests, and prescriptions. ExtenZe’s revolutionary new medically designed prohormone blend provides the building blocks from which your body can naturally create optimal normal levels of testosterone effect. It not only stimulates performance, it stimulates desire and pleasure, and that adds up to a vital connection: PASSION.

We are at the dawn of a new age. It is critically important to move out of a model of diagnosis and treatment and into a model of Active Prevention and a strategy that optimizes health in general, and sexual health and intimacy in particular. Supporting testosterone effect with natural prohormone precursors and time honored sexually enhancing nutrients is logical, sensible, and biologically effective.

Testosterone is the most important male hormone, and ExtenZe contributes to the testosterone renaissance helping optimize testosterone effect: vibrant and energetic sexual energy and desire ExtenZe supports optimal sexual health by virtue of the synergy of its blend of natural and logical ingredients that work together to make it the best it can be to help make your love life and quality of life the best you can be.

There is simply no reason any man should feel short changed with the size of their penis, when you can take Extenze and get that bigger, harder penis you have always wanted. You only have to take one each day to see the kind of results so many have already experienced. It works with your body to naturally increase your penis size with time. It sounds so simple, because it is!

The penis has 3 chambers that blood flow into when you become excited and ExtenZe pills work to push more and more blood into those areas so that it stretches the chambers and allows them to increase in size. Extenze works to increase your penis size in both length and width so that you get the most benefit from taking it. It only takes a few weeks for you to see substantial results.

Extenze is the most advanced product of it’s kind and it works for men of any age. It’s completely safe and has been laboratory tested to increase the size of penis’s worldwide. Even if you’ve tried other products in the past that have let you down, you can make your purchase without worry of wasting your money on yet another male sexual enhancement product that doesn’t give you the results you were hoping for. Give Extenze Male Enhancement Pills a try today so that you can see for yourself the results you will have first hand.

With ExtenZe be prepared to have a larger and harder erection that you will be able to get more frequently. You can expect to have more intense orgasms and erections that last longer with erections coming easier than ever before. Your desire for having sex will be increased at the thought of you having a bigger penis. Overall, your sex life will improve and you will enjoy the fact that it all happened from one little pill called Extenze.

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